Thursday, April 13, 2006

Vitamin E at megadoses is hepatotoxic

Some days ago I had the opportunity to talk to a top level expert in drug hepatotoxicity. He was invited by my company to take part in a scientific advisory board. I am not authorised to talk about what was discussed in those meetings, and I won't do it here. Apart from the professional discussions, I could chat with him about issues not related to my job. I knew from him that high doses of vitamin E can act as oxidant for the liver, instead of working as antioxidant. He strongly advised against taking megadoses of Vitamin E. He also said that one of the main champions of vitamin E died of what could be considered a consecuence of high vitamin E intake. I don't know who was him. I don't know either how high were the doses.
I wonder if high doses of vitamin E are bad only if they are not combined with high doses of other antioxidants. At this moment, I don't know if there is some research on this issue. If someone knows anything relevant, please tell me by email. I will try to keep you informed of any new finding.


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