Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What is DeltaBoost?

DeltaBoost is about the future.

In a very simple format –relevant news, plus short essays and comments on relevant topics- this blog goes through any aspect related to the next hundred years counting from now. In DeltaBoost you can expect...

  1. ... to find news on relevant inventions, events or discoveries. The news will be always commented. Not all relevant news will be presented here. The more I feel that other sources don't get the point about an event, the more probable that it will appear commented here.
  2. ... comments on topics that I regard as important, independently on how hot they are.
  3. ...a personal point of view. I am the only responsible of the content. I will always try to be as informed and objective as I can. In the end, however, I won't have any problem to express educated guesses.

If you don't agree with any of my posts, you are more than welcome to express your opinion, as long as you do it with a constructive intent.


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